Critical Risk Management

Critical risk control management emerged from high-risk industries such as mining and construction where numerous low- frequency, high- consequence hazards risks exist. In a world of limited time and resources, organisations need a way to prioritise their resources in control implementation and maintenance. By focussing these controls on the risks that ‘matter most’ (i.e., events that can cause fatalities or serious injuries), organisations are realising significant benefits in terms of reductions in catastrophic disasters including loss of life or permanent impairment.

The implementation of a mature critical risk management process and capability provides organisations with the ability to identify and manage credible critical risks with an outcome of preventing serious incidents from occurring in the first place or minimising the consequences if serious incidents were to occur.

Investigations Differently Critical Risk Management Road Map delivers complementary strategies to provide a critical risk management framework and capability improvement support to organisations. We offer a range of solutions to assist organisations implement critical risk management, including design, facilitation, and upskilling of internal capability.

Our Road Map is based on the international standard ISO 31000 Risk Management and adapted from the International Council on Mining and Metals Critical Control Management: Good Practice Guide, which is recognised internationally as best practice.

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