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Our leaders have the skills, drive and experience to develop solutions that rise to meet your challenges.

As a company and as individulas, we seek to make a meaningful impact in all that we do. Our team actively participates in this rewarding work, and it’s this drive to innovate and deliver that binds our tem together.

Mark Alston

Mark Alston

Founder and Director

With over two decades of experience, Mark has established himself as an innovative leader in investigations and risk management. He is known for his progressive approach, leveraging modern safety concepts to assist organisations in reducing risk.

With extensive experience in coaching and facilitation, Mark has a distinctive ability to communicate with all levels of an organisation and develop an understanding of how front-line work is completed. This allows Mark to guide an empowered workforce to develop practical, risk-based solutions.

Mark’s engaging speaking style, combining extensive industry knowledge with groundbreaking concepts, has made him a sought-after figure in investigations and risk management discussions.

With a strong operational background, his mission is to encourage organisations to adopt proactive data-driven processes, challenge conventional paradigms, and embrace a more adaptable and resilient approach.

Mark’s extensive expertise spans global organisations in the mining, construction, government, defence, health, and utilities industries. It includes clients such as the Royal Australian Air Force, Mitchell Services, the Office of Industrial Relations, ABB, Perenti, Airservices Australia, New Zealand Corrections and Linfox.

Mark is a popular keynote speaker, having presented at various conferences, including the National Safety Conference, the 14th World Conference on Injury Prevention Safety Promotion, the QLD Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference, and numerous AHS events. Mark regularly presents to organisations’ leadership and health and safety teams.

Mark holds qualifications in management, safety, investigation, and auditing.

Jo Dostalek

Jo Dostalek

Project Manager

Jo is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in management, training, and leadership. Before her work with Investigations Differently, she held high-level positions that honed her expertise in adult education, risk management, and investigations.

As the CEO of a registered training organisation (RTO), Jo’s leadership and management skills were instrumental in the development and delivery of high-quality adult education programs.  Jo’s transition from a Federal Agent with the Australian Federal Police to the education and training industry is a testament to her adaptability and diverse skill set. Her experience as a Federal Agent instilled in her a strong analytical mind and meticulous attention to detail, which she honed further by leading complex investigations. This experience directly translates to her risk management expertise, as she understands threat assessment, evidence gathering, and risk mitigation strategies, enabling her to proactively identify and address potential issues within organisations.

Jo’s combined experience in adult education program development and her investigative skills from the Australian Federal Police allow her to design and deliver investigation and risk management training programs that are both informative and engaging for adult learners. With a reputation for creating positive work environments, boosting engagement, and exceeding expectations, Joanne has a proven track record of leading organisations through periods of change and implementing new systems.

Her educational background, including a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business, a Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Administration, a Graduate Diploma in Education, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, provides a strong foundation in training methodologies and the skills to manage teams and organisations effectively.

David Wollage

David Wollage


As a safety professional and organisational coach, David brings a unique and holistic perspective to the realm of workplace safety and leadership development. With a degree in Safety Leadership from Griffith University, complemented by a Business Psychology background from the University of Western Australia, David possesses a deep understanding of safety practices, risk management, and the human dynamics that shape organisational culture.

Further enriching his expertise is a specialisation in Organisational Coaching and Leadership from Charles Sturt University, equipping him with the skills to foster effective coaching relationships, drive positive change, and cultivate high-performing individuals. He holds certifications as a Certified Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner (COHSPrac) and as a Certified International Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL) professional, underscoring his commitment to industry best practices and professional development – both for himself and clients.

Phillip Miles

Phillip Miles

Risk Management Specialist

Phillip’s experience as a Regional Team Leader for SafeWork South Australia provides a unique insight into the work undertaken by a regulator and the operational constraints affecting risk.
Phillip is a highly experienced senior safety professional with a rare combination of strategic understanding of contemporary HSEC improvement initiatives and technical knowledge. He has a proven track record in building productive relationships across all levels of organizations, making him a strong coach, mentor, and influencer. Phillip holds a certification as a Generalist OHS Professional from the Australia Institute of Health and Safety (AIHS).

Phillip has extensive experience in developing risk management frameworks, policies, and procedures. He has been involved in creating and implementing risk management programs, ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities in risk management. He also provides training and mentoring to teams, helping them to develop their risk management skills and competencies.

Phillip has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and holds certifications in risk management, including the Certified Risk Management Professional (CRMP) and the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certifications. He has a strong understanding of the regulatory environment and has been able to implement risk management programs that are aligned with regulatory requirements. Philip has worked for a diverse range of organisations including General Electric, Australian Volunteers for International Development, SafeWork SA, Adelaide Brighton Limited, BHP and Suzlon Energy Australia.

Our partners are an integral ingredient to the success of our business. 

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Practical Solutions Group, which has over 20 years of experience facilitating investigations and delivering investigation training.  In PSG we have found a partner who shares our objective to help organisations engage with their people to be part of the solution and deliver systemic change.

This partnership will allow us to provide increased services across Australia and globally.



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