Our unique approach of listening, adapting, and co-designing solutions for your business will improve productivity and differentiate you from competitors.

Investigations Differently offers a full range of investigation and risk management services designed to help organizations identify the real issues that can contribute to a risk or incident.

With our tailored, evidence-based programs, you will unlock your true potential by reducing risk, improving workforce engagement, and creating a safe working environment.

Why Work With Us

We are leading the WHS industry, enabling organisations to build capacity and strengthen resilience.

Our unique approach combines listening, adapting, and co-designing solutions to deliver more than just improved processes. Let us help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and make workplace safety and investigations a priority.

Focused on reducing risks, improving engagement, creating a safe working environment, and exceeding expectations, we are:

  • Driven by the needs of our clients
  • Solution focused
  • Responsive & adaptable
  • Genuine & collaborative
  • Supportive
  • Value-adding

Who we’ve worked with

Our satisfied clients come from diverse industries, including mining, ESG, food and retail, health, defence, fishing, forestry, utilities, and government entities.


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Feedback from our clients and participants

Mark and the team at Investigations Differently have had a significant involvement in the evaluation and improvement of key processes within the Mitchell Services business over the past 3-5 years. We have used their expertise in investigations to completely change not only how we investigate, but how we as a business learn from events and from normal work. Investigations Differently significantly bolstered our processes to be more tailored towards an operations and people focus rather than pure compliance, however this work also allowed us to maintain our ISO certification.

-Josh Bryant
General Manager, People and Risk, Mitchell Services

Over the past 12 months, working with Mark has been nothing short of transformative for our organisation. His expert guidance through the incident maturity assessment, coupled with the delivery of the Bluelines Investigation Training, marked a significant step change along our Human Organizational Performance journey. Mark's deep knowledge, responsiveness, and ease of communication have not only made the process seamless but also instilled a renewed sense of confidence in our team. His contributions have been invaluable in enhancing our operational safety and incident response capabilities.

-Catherine King
Global HSE & Sustainability L&D Manager

Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a reinvigoration of risk assessment and great discussion on how to get true value – to focus on what is important when applying risk management strategies.

-Stacey Haines
Safety Advisor
Evolution Mining

I have used Investigations Differently on a number of occasions across two different organisations. Each time, the information has been extremely well received, and has really resonated with my teams. The information strengthens a traditional investigation methodology making all investigations much more impactful, and insightful into systemic causes. I highly recommend introducing Investigations Differently into your organisation.

-Kym Bancroft
New View Safety

Workshop was good, facilitator was great and kept people engaged in the content through stories/reflection on real world use of content or how it related to real world events.

-Simon Jay
Royal Australian Airforce

My way of thinking and acceptance of the practices we have at Sims was certainly challenged. Mark, I think your delivery style is very relatable and the examples you gave throughout the course helped me to understand the content. It was a pleasure to participate.

-Rosa Manihera
SHECS Coordinator
SIMS Metal Management

Promoted some self-reflection on skills + knowledge and highlighted areas to work on.

-Jason Griggs
Ausdrill (2023)

Being a Safety Advisor at my site I believe that many concepts we delved into over the last 2 days I can implement.

-Daniel Gus

They made it enjoyable. Very informative. They made me want to come back and try and learn more/improve my skills.

-Ben Scholl
Royal Australian Airforce

Great engagement and facilitation by Mark. Excellent knowledge, backed by appropriate examples, tasks and resources.

-Grace Iacono
Department of Justice, VIC

I thoroughly enjoyed the training – gave me a lot of insight on how to better my role.

-Lavinia Taulepa
Department of Justice, VIC

The training was not what I was expecting. I had a preconceived notion that it was going to focus on the actual implementation of the blue line methodology and the incident investigation. It actually exceeded my expectations; in that it focussed on the critical thinking skills and change in perception from a blame/fault ideology to an understanding of why people make mistakes. Without understanding the work being performed, you cannot understand the factors influencing decisions made in the course of that work. I will be applying these learnings going forward, with a focus on looking for systemic issues that affect work as done. Found it to challenge my perceptions, giving much to think about when investigating incidents and indeed observing and understanding work. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

-John Holly
WHS Officer

Investigations Differently – provided tools to better gain the information required to not only address the issues surrounding an event but identify systemic issues that can be addressed to prevent similar events from occurring in the future. Facilitation was engaging, used real life experiences and examples, to engage students. Practical exercises targeted relevant subjects for the audience, to better meet outcomes.

-Matthew Power
Royal Australian Airforce

Excellent. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the content was really interesting and totally relevant – presented in a way that resonated to everyone on the course.

-Jenny Cross
WEL Networks

Mark took our team (at Urban Utilities) through the Risk Assessment masterclass, and it was a game changer for our team.

-Tony McConachie
Principal Business Process & Change

I highly recommend this class for your teams to check out as we learnt heaps and Mark Alston was a great facilitator and challenged conventional thinking around risk assessment.

-Tim Fitch
Senior HSE Advisor
Mitchell Services

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Workplace Investigation Review

Workplace Investigation Review

The industry has learned nothing new resulting from the investigation. There is no innovation and most concerning of all, there has not been any measurable reduction in risk for these tasks.