Risk Assessment Workshops

Allow our risk management experts facilitate your risk assessment workshops for you.

Many organisations utilise the semi-qualitative risk assessment process to identify hazards and manage risks. Risk assessments workshops can become a ‘cut & paste’exercise with little or no innovation discovered. Controls remain predominately administratively focused rather than on elimination and engineering solutions.

Risk assessment using contemporary safety theories and methods is a key component of risk management.

At Investigations Differently, we take a fresh approach to ensure that your risk assessments explore the context of “Normal-As-Work”, identify the unknown in the workplace, and focus on assessing genuine risks within your organisation.

Utilising a learning approach to risk assessments, our facilitators explore the work as normal, focus on assessing genuine risks and enable an environment that encourages a risk assessment team to innovate. By focusing on the real risks, we will encourage your team to explore innovative and lasting solutions and create a truly safe work environment.

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