Lead Investigator Course

Our 2-day Lead Investigator Course provides participants with the skills and tools needed to facilitate investigations.

Topics covered in the training include.

  • \Traditional Approach v Investigations Differently.
  • \Immediate actions that are required after an event.
  • \Classifying an event.
  • \Scope and plan an investigation.
  • \Identify and collect essential information.
  • \Improving the information provided by witness statements.
  • \How to collect and use images to effectively analyse and communicate the event.
  • \Conducting Re-Enactments.
  • \Collecting information where equipment failure is involved.
  • \The importance of learning what is “Work as Normal”.
  • \Identify and collect essential information on work as normal.
  • \Generative questions.
  • \Interviews and conversations.
  • \Using Event Insights to analyse minor-medium harm events.
  • \Analyse the information for serious events using the Blueline Investigation Methodology.
  • \Goal-based recommendations and SMARTER actions.
  • \Reporting to stakeholders

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