Learning Teams Facilitator Course

Our Learning Team Facilitator Course is delivered either as a standalone 1-day course or an additional ½ day to our Lead Investigator Course. This course provides participants with the skills and tools to facilitate learning teams that enable deep organisational learning. Topics covered in the training include:

  • \The benefits of a Learning Team.
  • \Determining when to facilitate a Learning Team
  • \Preparing for a Learning Team
  • \Practical application in developing a scope.
  • \The roles of the Manger, Facilitator and Scribe.
  • \Facilitating Learning Team sessions.
  • \The importance of soak time.
  • \Principles of Human and Organisational Learning.
  • \Generative questioning.
  • \Identifying key themes
  • \Identifying practical solutions
  • \Learning Team reporting
  • \Next steps.

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